Bubble Tanks 2


This game is full of action, fast-paced fighting scenes, and tough opponents. As soon as you will start playing it, you will get instantly addicted to it. The game is all about bubble universes, you fight in one bubble universe, defeat your opponents, collect their energy spheres and jump into another universe instantly. Some universes are just energy sources, there are no enemies and all you have to do is to collect energy spheres, but some universes are full of enemy ships and you will have to fight really hard in order to defeat them.

So why energy spheres are so important? Thing is, the more bubbles you collect the stronger your tank will become. With each upgrade, you will get new weapons, laser beams, seeker rockets, huge cannons, etc. In terms of upgrades, the game is truly very interesting, different paths make it more complicated and entertaining. I personally love to play with seeker rockets, this way you can focus on maneuvering more, avoid enemy bullets and shoot your seeker rockets, a pretty easy strategy and effective.

During fights you can dive into one universe, use special abilities and after that escape into another bubble universe, wait till your special attack recharges and repeat like this until your opponent is defeated. This tactic is useful against strong enemies, this way you will save your valuable HP points.

The game is very entertaining and fun to play, it is full of action and constant fighting moments.

There are other awesome games out there as well, I love to play Getaway Shootout example or other io games. Both previously mentioned games are free to play and pretty good as well!