Play Bike Game – Free Rider 3


Free Rider 3 allows the player to bike through the most exhilarating courses at break neck speeds, featuring thousands of users created courses to test your skills on, or to cause as much harm as possible to your character.

Up arrow – Accelerate
Down arrow – Break
Left arrow – Pull backwards on your bike
Right arrow – Push downwards on your bike
Z – Change direction
B – Throw your character off his bike
W – Pan camera up
S – Pan camera down
A – Pan camera left
D – Pan camera right

Free Rider 3What’s it all about?
When creating your own track your mouse can be used to draw lines to create your own personalized course, there are numerous design choices when creating your own map which can be accessed by clicking the multiple buttons on the course design page.

The basic idea of the game is as simple as it gets, get to the end of the course and collect gold stars along the way, However the courses are often made more difficult by a variety of jumps, flips, deadly traps and gigantic cliffs to plummet off, luckily you can always quickly reset to your last unlocked checkpoint. Not only are there thousands of difficult levels for you to navigate, there are also many very well designed maps visually featuring background decorations to create numerous environments, from caves and forests all the way up to haunted houses and modern cities, allowing you to leap from the tops of multiple sky scrapers or bike away from ghosts throughout deadly environments.

Another level of depth to this game is the various power ups, such as speed ups, slow down and gravity changers launching you up, down, backwards or forwards and increasing or slowing your speed at any time. Your score on each level can also be improved by performing tricks such as flips, using the Z key to change your direction allows you to jump between the same 2 areas over and over again in order to increase your score as high as you can.

Free Rider 3 same way as SSF 2 features a rating system for its custom user created levels, allowing you to play the most popular levels with ease and enjoy the best the game has to offer without wasting time on poorly created user tracks. Not happy with simply playing other peoples courses? Feel free to use the built in level editor to create your own artistic masterpiece, or maybe just a cruel track with as many traps as possible to ensure only the most hardcore players can compete it, your level could be up-voted to the top of the level list and played by millions of players all over the world, so enough reading and get gaming!