Return Man 7 Linebacker 2 – Play Online


The Linebacker 2 is a browser-based game you should certainly try out, The game is part of the ESPN arcade games set. This game is uniquely designed to give you an experience you have not had with other games. The arcade game involves controlling the player to play the position of a linebacker. This is a position most American Football gaming programs do not provide.

Game instructions
When playing this game, your objective is to ensure your linebacker 2 takes down the running back before he makes it to the end zone. You have to ensure you tackle many blockers. You need to prevent the blocker from getting to your running back. You are also needed to run to the end zone and score. There are 4 levels in all the 15 stages the game has. Just 4 lives are provided for all the levels. You have to utilize your lives well. You should be able to play as many levels as you can and score high points. You will be taken to the last level achieved once your lives are finished. The scores are also reset to zero. You can acquire a life by watching an advert.

As you progress, the game becomes more challenging and exciting. You will have to tackle more and stronger blockers. You also find obstacles that slow you down such as mud and ice. There are power-ups scattered around the field. These are shoes and speed boosts that allow you to run unobstructed on ice or mud. In higher stages, your player acquires special powers. These include bull rush, shuck and throw down. You can use these powers on your opponents. Using these powers reduces your score though.

Linebacker 2 Controls
To move your player, you use keys I, J, K, and L. You can also use arrow keys to move the linebacker. You make the linebacker make dive tackles using the Space-bar. Unlocked special powers are triggered using keys A, S and D. Linebacker 2 has another control scheme. In this second scheme, W, A, S, and D can are used for movement. Keys J, K, and L are used for special powers. This allows you to play comfortably using either of your hands. An aerial view is used in this game to make it easy.
Linebacker 2 graphics are perfect. The animations on this game are very attractive. The challenges and various weather conditions make the game luring. The game is exhilarating. You might probably find yourself playing it overnight.