Return Man 5 Linebacker 2 Play Return Man 5 AKA Linebacker


So guys some awesome hot news here, it looks like ESPN Arcade games had finished working on their new awesome American football game called – Return Man 5 Linebacker 2.

Since most of us enjoy the greatly first version of the game, I thought this news would be interesting for you. So the second version of the game is here, it is fascinating, addicting, and lots of fun.

Few details of the game which you should know is that: trophy levels are still there, defensive aspects of the game remain the same, game is featuring new rating system which will allow professional gamers as well as newbies to find suitable difficulties for them, this way ESPN left everyone satisfied.

Another important notice is that you should always press the submit button at the end of the game (paper io), this is important because otherwise your trophy levels won’t be recorded!

As always your main objective is tackling the running back, now there are different ways how can you achieve it, but what I want to talk about is special/unlockable moves. These are special abilities (I call them superpowers LOL) that will allow you to defeat advanced running backs and their defense units.

I won’t bother you with other routine details, most of the things you will find yourself (like controls of the game, etc.)

So, without further talks, enjoy the game and have fun, and don’t forget to leave your feedback in the comments section below.