return man

What Kind of Game is Return Man


ESPN Return Man 1 is the first version of the series and the simplest. This game was created with response to American football fans who needed a game that would keep them learn and enjoy the game more. The game is played using the keys J (left movement), K (right movement), L (backward movement) and I (forward movement). This means the player can direct the return man to run in any direction. The flash game also comes with more special moves controlled by keys D, A and S. Notwithstanding, these special moves can only be used once in every play. By the way keep in mind that Return Man 3 is the most popular release in this game series.


How To Play :

The primary goal of the game is running the length of the field and scoring a touchdown or TD. This should be done without being tackled. Secondly, the return man needs to catch the ball and that is only possible if you take him over the yellow circle before the circle fills up with the yellow color. In case the return man misses the catch, he should pick up the live ball. This second move should really be quick and smart so as to avoid another tackle.

You should also consider running over the lightning bolt because it boosts your speed burst and gains bonus points. For this version of the game, there is no resume play option hence, you should always save your game each time you want to exit. This will help you to continue the game at the same stage you saved your progress. As the game progresses, you’ll have access to more special moves. Take note that you need these special moves to get by the defenders.

Special Moves :

Return Man in action
The return man uses special abilities and skills to score a touchdown. TD signifies the return man unblocked is the winner of the round. These special moves are usually visible when gaming and all it takes is running over them to make the moves work for you. However, there are other special moves that are only accessible by pressing particular keys at a certain point in the game.

ESPN Return Man 1 made the debut for what is now a smoother and more realistic gaming experience with ESPN Return Man 3 unblocked version.