Why we are different?
We have different format, we have tons of different video games. Today we may talk about LoL and tomorrow we can share post about Tank Trouble, note that one is PC game and another is flash game. We are proud of our versatility, we have no borders and we cover all interesting subjects. We can freely talk about board games and next minute we can talk about fast phased shooting games.

Do you have high rated games?
Yes, of course we do, but unlike other blogs, here you decide which one is the most popular, we have democratic approaches even in gaming ))
By the way I will list top rated games right here:


How do you think, which upcoming games are the most popular in next year?
Take a look at our video ( yes we have YouTube channel as well, sub us πŸ˜‰ ), I believe listed games in this video are going to be top games in whole 2018.


Which soft are you using for gaming?
I prefer to stay with Steam, nearly all my games are bought from there and I have high level account as well, with tons of screenshots, badges, achievements and things like that. I also have account in Origins and in Battle.Net.

Future of gaming?
Future belongs to VR, I mean VR like in that anime show – Swords Art Online, with full load into virtual reality. I believe it is going to be something magical and stunning, but it wont be here any soon, who knows how much time it will take.