Play Field General Online


Introducing the game

It’s easy to get lost among the many football flash games out there, but we’d like to present to you one that truly stands out. Field General, a game produced by ESPN Arcade, invites you to play some American Football! The game offers you a chance to control an NFL team and proceed through stages by getting as many points as you can. Exceptional graphics and easy yet realistic gameplay make this a unique football experience for any player, a sports fan or not. Carefully access the situation in front of you, make smart decisions, and help your team advance, as you grow to become a true Field General.

Player instructions

This game is focused on aiming, passing the ball, and reaching the end zone to score. You start off leading the offense as the quarterback and later controlling the wide receiver as well. As you enter STAGE 1 and start playing, first position the target on the path of the receiver. Then aim your pass carefully and throw when the timing feels right. Don’t hesitate too long before you pass, or your POCKET PROTECTION bar will run out and your quarterback will get sacked. You’ll be able to control the receiver when the ball successfully reaches his hands, allowing you to storm through the field for an awesome touchdown! The game will save your progress automatically, making it possible for you to start from your last completed stage every time. If you manage to proceed through all the 15 stages, unlocking them one by one, you will lead your team to become champions and claim the winners’ cup.


As you start off controlling the quarterback in Field General, you’ll be able to control the position of your target by using the I (UP), J (LEFT), K (DOWN), L (RIGHT) buttons and use the Space Bar to pass the ball. If the pass is accurate, you will automatically switch to controlling the receiver. Now you can run toward the end zone by using the I, J, K, L buttons again. Depending on your progress in the game, you will be able to use special moves and earn extra pass attempts. The special moves are activated with the A (Pump Fake), S (Pocket Expander), and D (Accuracy) keys. These moves can only be applied once per play, however, points are deducted for using special moves, so you might want to make sure you use them wisely!

Return Man 7 Linebacker 2 – Play Online


The Linebacker 2 is a browser-based game you should certainly try out, The game is part of the ESPN arcade games set. This game is uniquely designed to give you an experience you have not had with other games. The arcade game involves controlling the player to play the position of a linebacker. This is a position most American Football gaming programs do not provide.

Game instructions
When playing this game, your objective is to ensure your linebacker 2 takes down the running back before he makes it to the end zone. You have to ensure you tackle many blockers. You need to prevent the blocker from getting to your running back. You are also needed to run to the end zone and score. There are 4 levels in all the 15 stages the game has. Just 4 lives are provided for all the levels. You have to utilize your lives well. You should be able to play as many levels as you can and score high points. You will be taken to the last level achieved once your lives are finished. The scores are also reset to zero. You can acquire a life by watching an advert.

As you progress, the game becomes more challenging and exciting. You will have to tackle more and stronger blockers. You also find obstacles that slow you down such as mud and ice. There are power-ups scattered around the field. These are shoes and speed boosts that allow you to run unobstructed on ice or mud. In higher stages, your player acquires special powers. These include bull rush, shuck and throw down. You can use these powers on your opponents. Using these powers reduces your score though.

Linebacker 2 Controls
To move your player, you use keys I, J, K, and L. You can also use arrow keys to move the linebacker. You make the linebacker make dive tackles using the Space-bar. Unlocked special powers are triggered using keys A, S and D. Linebacker 2 has another control scheme. In this second scheme, W, A, S, and D can are used for movement. Keys J, K, and L are used for special powers. This allows you to play comfortably using either of your hands. An aerial view is used in this game to make it easy.
Linebacker 2 graphics are perfect. The animations on this game are very attractive. The challenges and various weather conditions make the game luring. The game is exhilarating. You might probably find yourself playing it overnight.

Unleashing the Happy Wheels


Do you love games?
Games are all about entertainment, learning and furthermore fun. In the world of technology many games are being invented. Today I want to unleash to you one of my very best; the Happy Wheels unblocked. When I first played this game I got the feeling of a geek; indeed I was fast and furious. This game is a very popular rag doll physics game with a good sense of humor. It is easily and deservedly one of the most popular games in the internet. We must appreciate the developers for creating such fun.

Unleashing the Happy Wheels
About the game

Happy Wheels full version was first released in 2010 but later gained its fame around 2013. The main aim of this game is way simple. You are required to reach the end of a level in one piece. There are so many forms of transport, usual and unusual, that you could try out. They range from a wheelchair to a regway. In trying to complete each level, it will be in order for you to evade all the possible obstacles and threats. Almost all the levels end in extremely violent deaths, creepy uh? This game is quite enjoyable and sometimes hard to explain because a part from the Sledge Joyride, Lawnmower Frenzy and Rope Soccer levels that takes you to the world of other players’ imaginations, it gives you an opportunity to try out some of the levels that other people have created. What makes it more interseting is its gory twists that racers experience. The racers move like real bodies but when the player misses a turn and falls into a pit, the blood and body parts fly in a surprisingly humorous way.

This depends on the version you are using. There is the android App version and the desktop version. If you need more fun than ever before I recommend you use the desktop version because it is still by far the best. When using the desktop version, the major control keys are shift and ctrl for secondary action, z for eject, space for secondary action, up/down keys for forward and reverse respectively, LSK and RSK for leaning. However, you can also set up your own control system at your convenience. Not everyone will love Happy Wheels but it’s definitely worth a peek. The combination of blood, racing, guts, and sheer enjoyment of body disintegration is the partying shot for this game. What are you waiting for? Grab the fun!

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft

Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft


Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft more commonly referred to as simply, Hearthstone. Has been gaining popularity ever since Blizzard first released the game back in March of 2014. Hearthstone is a collectable card game in which Blizzard brings back to life many of its popular character’s from it’s hit game World of Warcraft. Two players go head to head in a duel, playing cards with different skills and abilities to beat the other into submission! World of Warcraft is by far Blizzards most successful game to date, so to make a collectable card game out of it was just a matter of time!

cards from this gameHow to Play
When you start your duel with another player you will first flip a coin to see who goes first, whichever player wins the coin toss then draws 3 cards. The second player will then draw 4 cards and get an extra Gold Coin Card. This card give’s you one extra mana crystal when used, mana crystal’s are used to determine which cards can be played and how many per turn.(ex. if you have 4 mana crystal’s and the card is cost’s 5 then you cannot use that card). After the first turn players then draw one card per turn until the game is over. Each player will also receive 1 mana crystal per turn until they reach a maximum of 10. Coincidentally the maximum amount of cards you can have in your hand is also 10. There can only ever be 7 minion’s on the board at one time.

Game Mode’s
There are 4 different game mode’s in Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft , they consist of Practice Mode, Casual, Ranked and the Arena.

Practice Mode – Practice mode is just that, It is so you can practice against AI without having to worry about the slightly higher competitive edge of a real person! It is also great for trying new decks out that you haven’t yet!

Casual – In Casual players are matched up in accordance with their previous win/loss ratio in previous games, so the better you do the harder it get’s! Just the way we have all come to know and love! Players may also build their own deck.

Ranked – Ranked mode is perfect for players who want to find out just how good they really are. Players may build their own deck. How it works is you have to win games in order to progress up the ladder. The first few stages aren’t too hard as you can lose games and wont lose your ranking, however once you start getting higher you have to be careful. Brings a good competitive aspect to the game!

Arena – This one is a little bit out of left field you go in blind, you don’t know what your deck consists of but neither does your opponent. See how long you can last with a random deck, matched based on how well you are doing with that particular deck. You have to have found or “own” the cards that go into the randomized deck.

The main thing to know about the controls in is that you need a mouse. Pretty much as simple as that really, simply hover your cursor over the card you would like to select. Left click on a card and click on either the player, minions, or your side of the play field to play the card.


Play Bike Game – Free Rider 3


Free Rider 3 allows the player to bike through the most exhilarating courses at break neck speeds, featuring thousands of users created courses to test your skills on, or to cause as much harm as possible to your character.

Up arrow – Accelerate
Down arrow – Break
Left arrow – Pull backwards on your bike
Right arrow – Push downwards on your bike
Z – Change direction
B – Throw your character off his bike
W – Pan camera up
S – Pan camera down
A – Pan camera left
D – Pan camera right

Free Rider 3What’s it all about?
When creating your own track your mouse can be used to draw lines to create your own personalized course, there are numerous design choices when creating your own map which can be accessed by clicking the multiple buttons on the course design page.

The basic idea of the game is as simple as it gets, get to the end of the course and collect gold stars along the way, However the courses are often made more difficult by a variety of jumps, flips, deadly traps and gigantic cliffs to plummet off, luckily you can always quickly reset to your last unlocked checkpoint. Not only are there thousands of difficult levels for you to navigate, there are also many very well designed maps visually featuring background decorations to create numerous environments, from caves and forests all the way up to haunted houses and modern cities, allowing you to leap from the tops of multiple sky scrapers or bike away from ghosts throughout deadly environments.

Another level of depth to this game is the various power ups, such as speed ups, slow down and gravity changers launching you up, down, backwards or forwards and increasing or slowing your speed at any time. Your score on each level can also be improved by performing tricks such as flips, using the Z key to change your direction allows you to jump between the same 2 areas over and over again in order to increase your score as high as you can.

Free Rider 3 same way as SSF 2 features a rating system for its custom user created levels, allowing you to play the most popular levels with ease and enjoy the best the game has to offer without wasting time on poorly created user tracks. Not happy with simply playing other peoples courses? Feel free to use the built in level editor to create your own artistic masterpiece, or maybe just a cruel track with as many traps as possible to ensure only the most hardcore players can compete it, your level could be up-voted to the top of the level list and played by millions of players all over the world, so enough reading and get gaming!